Uncharted Depths

It’s hard to believe that a whopping 95% of our great ocean remains unexplored. Especially since humans have been systematically chronicling travels and encounters with their environment as far back as we can remember. Yet this frankly alien environment that covers 70% of our global home remains a mystery. There is an untold amount of potential for what we could find down in the abyss, and yet some theories just refuse to leave our collective consciousness, no matter how much we try to shake them.


Unquestionably a permanent part of fantasy pop culture, renowned Greek Philosopher Plato first created the legacy of this city in the 1500’s. The story goes that as a result of a war between Atlantis and ancient Athens, the Atlanteans were overthrown and in a feat unlike any seen before; great the city was sunk. This story has evolved now into what we know today as magical, possibly technological realm that exists deep under the ocean. So many iterations of this tale have been spun that its hard to know where all the features first came from, with huge brands like DC developing stories for their own sea king Aquaman, the elaborations never seem to cease. And yet despite claims that Plato’s words were mere metaphor, many still hold out that, as we continue to discover more of the ocean, we will inevitably stumble upon the once lost civilisation.

Sea Monsters


Be it the Scottish long necked Loch Ness Monster, the 7 tentacled Norwegian Kraken, H.P. Lovecraft’s monstrous entity Chthulu, or the Biblical serpent Leviathan – we have always been told of immeasurable cryptofauna that lurk beneath the waves. Our excitable minds have been fed evidence over the years too thanks to sightings from fisherman, images from satellites and of course the bizarre menagerie of large unrecognisable shapes washed up on beaches around the globe. Last year over 18,000 new species were discovered which means we still are nowhere near close to cataloguing every creature we share the planet with. But what we do know is that the largest animal that has ever existed lives in the ocean. Down in the darkest depths of the ocean floor, the strangest creatures continue their lives in secret, and it is entirely possible that a being of unbelievable measure could well be living out its existence just out of our reach.

Scientific Secrets

Putting the perplexing phenomena that occur within the Bermuda triangle aside, the more plausible and genuine unknowns that the sea could hold in its grasp are tantalising. Many believe that just like the way the Amazon forest may retain natural remedies for some of our most puzzling of ailments, the ocean may also be an untapped medicine cabinet. Sea life such as the Caribbean sponge have shown the potential to triumph over diseases like AIDS, types of seaweed in Asia have been proven to hinder the aging process, and the humble jellyfish may hold the secret to immortality. These are just a few of the examples we know of, so it only makes sense that elsewhere at the core of our planet, more answers could be waiting.