The Mysteries of Area 51 – Part 2

Again, the secrecy and military presence helps this theory retain some ground in the realm of logic. You may be familiar with the term Railgun from video games or science fiction, a specialised futuristic gun that has the ability to shoot through walls. This is one of many directed energy weapons, which can be used against targets that are not in direct line-of-sight.

Exotic Weaponry

These may use the combined technology of microwaves, lasers, particle beams, or cold fusion atomic energy. All of which are supposedly in development by governments all over the globe. The point here is that Area 51 is the US’s huge storage locker of secrets, and if anything classified is to be experimented upon and tested out; the isolated desert of Nevada is the place to do it.

Unreleased Technology

On top of the offensive and deadly advances that may be shied away from the public, progressive innovations are believed to be at Groom Lake too. This is interlinked with the belief that shadowy institutes such as Area 51 are withholding technological advancements until they can be mass-produced and therefore profitable. It has been said that these places are up to 30 years ahead of where global consumers products are currently at, but in order to make more money and to sustain longevity, these new products are ebbed out gradually. Some of the groundbreaking systems thought to be inevitably unveiled over the next century include Climate Control systems, Teleportation systems and even instruments capable of time travel.

UFOs and Alien Experimentation

Ever since the 1947 events in Roswell, where an airborne craft was witnessed crashing back to land, there has been a rising speculation about whether we have secretly been in contact with beings from another planet. More than anything Area 51 is known as a tourist haven for anyone who got onboard the craze of the thin green (or grey) men who many believe have come to visit us. The road which leads up to Groom Lake Road (State Route 375) was actually renamed the Extraterrestrial Highway in 1996, and as a result has led locals in the surrounding area to perpetuate the rumours about ‘visitors’. As with the legendary creatures, the Groom Lake base is thought to hold and use state of the art laboratories to examine the spacecraft and live alien specimens that have landed (or have been shot down) over US ground. It is thought that the development of much modern technology, and the surge in its complexity is a result of reverse engineering the contents recovered here.

Despite the need to commercialise these events, the true events of what transpire here remain unknown. Thanks to the State Secrets Privilege, a rule that allows evidence to be excluded in court if such exposure is thought to ‘compromise national security’, the documents that would enlighten us remain unattainable. It is likely that all Area 51 holds are new designs of aircraft that aren’t ready to be released yet, but it doesn’t stop people wondering, questioning and of course believing.