The Mysteries of Area 51 – Part 1

Deep in the Nevada desert is a place so infamous that the very mention of it polarizes all listeners into either raving conspiracy nuts or disapproving skeptics. We all have our own idea of what the fabled Area 51 is thanks to the various pop culture adaptations; it often involves slender aliens and hidden technology. But where do all these ideas come from and how many of them have been fabricated or proven?

The main issue surrounding such a place is that this is without question a government facility. The site is a test and training range but is also an operating extension of Edwards Air Force Base. Therefore, the reason the press or a curious Youtuber hasn’t strolled in to debunk the infinite and wild theories about the place, is because access is extremely limited. Anyone who has gotten close enough, or even Googled the place will be familiar with the very direct signposts that read ‘Restricted Area’. Those who have braved the boundary area will know that the threat of being detained or at least shot is very real, Humvees and armed personnel patrol the surrounding area constantly, on top of the intense surveillance that covers the entire site. This secrecy alone is probably enough to get the rumour mill churning, but of course the public cannot just stroll onto testing facilities anyway, so why is it that this place has cemented itself at the top of the mystery list?

One big contributing factor is the size of the actual complex. Due to declassified and/or leaked satellite photography and conversations between operating staff, it is widely known that not all of the work performed here is on the surface. Photos, heat maps and more have documented the construction of an underground facility of unknown proportions. Rumours include an underground railroad that links to another subterranean testing area in Papoose Lake, some miles south of the Groom Lake salt flats. This concept adds much creative fuel to the idea that the United States government is hiding an untold amount of secrets here. With an unprecedented amount of space underground and immense security detail, what are they hiding?

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This idea proposes that the site of Area 51 is a giant underground hideaway for all the unnatural creatures told about in stories. The Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, the Chupacabra and more, are all apparently held under lock and key by those who don’t want the public to know the truth. Each creature of folklore and legend has allegedly been captured by the teams that dispatch from the air base, recovering the mysterious beings and returning them to the facility for examination and general asset denial. There is virtually no basis to why this is widely believed to be true, many use the fact that once a phenomenon becomes popular sightings and encounters seem to swiftly decrease. This is allegedly the unknown American organization covering them up. The likelihood of a new species discovery causing mass hysteria is low, especially once we consider that researchers find undiscovered animals frequently all over the globe.