The Marks of Visitors

Crop circles are the strange geometrical shapes formed by the flattening and crushing of great fields of crops. For many years people have wondered about this widespread phenomenon and questioned the origin of these odd patterns. Crop circles, though, are tied so closely to pranksters that the true origins of them or being able to discern between ‘genuine’ ones and human made imitations, still eludes us today.

Crop circles go as far back as the late 1600s. Here English farmers had reported strange formations in their fields with no explanation as to how they came about. Soon after more reports of arcs and circular impressions in large groups of plants were reported. Some of these though were what locals refer to as fairy rings, which were strangely circular growths of mushrooms. Though not on the same scale as crop circles, these unexplainable patterns perplexed people of the time. A naturalist form Oxford named Robert Plot, made a claim that may have changed the perception of both of these plant-based mysteries, he believed that it may have been air flows from the sky. This change in perception stopped people from looking downward for the cause, (which incidentally we now know is how the mushrooms end up in circles) but towards he clouds.

In 1963, astronomer, presenter and Gamesmaster Patrick Moore spoke about a crater he had found in a field of potatoes in Wiltshire. He believed it to have been caused by an unknown meteor, thus the circle left behind was from the impact sight. This continued the trend of peering skyward for answers to crop circles, and UFOlogists were happy to continue the theory.

An amazing 4 dimensional crop circle has appeared in field of wheat at Clay Hill, Warminster, Wiltshire.

In the 60s thanks to the advent of flying saucers in popular culture, the huge dents in the crops were at one point called saucer nests. This implied that visitors had set down their vehicle in the field and that the resulting impression showed the elaborate bottom of their flying vessels. This idea however advanced into a means of human alien communication, but what would they be trying to tell us by ruining our agriculture. Some propose it was a power move by our future overlords who attacked our food source head on in order to make us compliant. This tied in with the odd rise of cattle mutilation that occurred around the same time. Others have said that these are simply landmarks used by invaders to navigate the changing world, which supports the idea that they are linked to ley lines.

In 1991 a pair called Bower and Chorley confessed to making crop circles around England. From here the tactics and tools of the operations have been revealed. People have definitely been making them as a prank. Though others have been caught in the act, in 2000 the first man to be arrested for deliberately causing damage to crops. And yet upon further examination scientists have found reason to disregard some peoples claims, as some circles are so well made they simply could not be made by human hands. Although animals, freak weather, magnetism and other plausible answers have been given, the truth remains undiscovered, if anything the hoaxers have only helped bury the secrets deeper. Maybe they know something we don’t.