Streaming with Mystery – Part 2

In 1953 scientist Frank Olson fell to his death from a window of a New York Hotel room. Over 60 years later his Son is finally able to tell the story of what happened in the lead up to that night, and the unsavory, suspicious events that led to his Father’s demise. Told through the passionate perspective of someone with a mission to find the truth, this documentary is layered with mystery. With the CIA, the American government and even the president himself all under scrutiny, Wormwood is impossible to put down. What begins as a Son seeking closure spirals into a conspiracy coated cover-up that is as unmissable as it is disturbing.

Bates Motel

Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho is cemented as a cinematic classic, not only delivering the suspense and shock we have come to know as the thriller, but also introducing us to the disturbed character of Norman Bates. In the contemporary remake Norman is played perfectly by Freddie Highmore (Which may alarm fans of Tim Burton’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), who along with being well spoken, overly polite and dressing like a granddad – also has an unsettling relationship with his mother. Norma, (Vera Farmiga) who’s smothering affection is equally as alarming, begins a fresh start as a Motel owner in a brand-new town. As you may guess, things don’t remain anywhere near as pristine as her endless supply of vintage dresses. Bringing the world up to speed with the 21st Century yet preceding the events of the celebrated film make for a fresh take. The supporting roles and new scenarios add quality and depth to characters that were once thought to be lost in time.


Carefully retracing the steps and processes of law enforcement and the psychopaths they were tailing, Netflix’s Mindhunter treads the line of fictional drama and reenactment. Holden Ford (Jonathan Groff) and Bill Tench (Holt McCallany) are FBI agents trying to figure out how the minds of killers with multiple victims operate. At the time when the series is set, which happens to be 1977, the study of the psychology of criminals was at its infancy, pre-dating even the terminology ‘Serial Killer. The show interestingly pieces together elements that we now take for granted in crime dramas and foreshadows many of the horrific events actually committed by real life murderers. It’s a violent retrospective that is instantly engaging for anyone interested in the mysteries of the mind.


This German Mystery Thriller received a flurry of positive reviews and has more than once been referred to as ‘Stranger Things for adults’, which can’t be a bad thing. The story focuses on (but is in no way restricted to) teenager Jonas Kahnwald whose family is once again hit by tragedy, this time in the form of his father’s suicide. Elsewhere in the town of Winden another child goes missing, which begins to unearth the strange secrets rooted deep in the history of many families that reside there. It’s not long until the inner sanctum of a cave system turns out to be a time machine, and then things really get weird. With overlapping timelines and multiple jumps and shifts, Dark develops swiftly into as much a science fiction tale as it does an intricate family drama.