Streaming with Mystery – Part 1

Based on a Danish series of the same name, this worthwhile remake is set in modern day Seattle. It follows emotionally numb Detective Sarah Linden (Played fantastically by Mirielle Enos) and her equally troubled but far more upbeat, street talking partner Stephen Holder (Altered Carbon’s Joel Kinnamon). Together they investigate the dark and lengthy events surrounding the murder of a local girl. With the native weather providing a forecast of either utter grey or rain, and the subject matter being far from cheery, its fair to say that The Killing has an atmosphere. With each episode concluding with drums from its terrific score, the final scenes will have you (incorrectly) guessing whodunit until the very end.

Making A Murderer

The docuseries that got everyone talking deserves its acclaim. A true story of corruption, confusion, malpractice and inconclusive evidence unfolds over 10 nail biting episodes. The story of Steven Avery and how a series of questionable events resulted in his incarceration is fed to viewers a mouthful at a time, leaving us begging for more each time. This is no doubt why so many binged the entire series in a single day, hoping for a satisfying and just ending. SPOILER ALERT: Since there is no conclusive ‘ending’ to the show as many events are ongoing, fans will be delighted to know that a second season is scheduled and will continue to track the developments of the case.

The Sinner

Jessica Biel plays Cora Tannetti, an ordinary young mother who heads to the lake on a sunny day with her husband and child. Amidst their seemingly enjoyable ordinary afternoon, their family time is mildly encroached upon by a young couple playing music and kissing. Without hesitation Cora walks over to the male and stabs him violently and repeatedly with the knife she was using to skin her pear. Suddenly things aren’t so ordinary anymore. With the help of an eager detective (Bill Pullman) it’s up to the both of them to unpack Cora’s past and any secrets hidden there to keep her from being locked away for such a random and cold-blooded murder.The Sinner gets going pretty much immediately and begins to spin a harrowing tale that has some satisfying twists and turns along the way. In only 8 episodes it covers an impressive amount of ground and delves into the dark corners of psychology.

The OA

This head-trip of a series runs right into bizarre territory frequently but always manages to bring things back. The ongoing mysteries that begin to unravel will have you scratching your head, but the stranger it gets the more you begin to realise how grounded in current social issues it actually is. Leading actress and executive producer Brit Marling plays Prairie Johnson, who after disappearing for 7 years returns to her loving parents. The story of her time away and how she made her way home is as remarkable, especially since when she left she was blind. The intrigue grows as her stories unravel, bringing with them more questions and deeper mysteries.