Is There Proof of Past Lives?

You may have heard of past live regression. It’s a rising form of pseudo-psychotherapy whereby people are induced into a state in which they recall events they have not lived out themselves. These developments are interlocked with the concept of rebirth and reincarnation. Further research however has proven much of these are false memories and few accounts if any have shown historical accuracy. There are phenomena however that are much more difficult to explain away, such as a tale of four sisters.

In May of 1957, sisters Joanna and Jacqueline Pollock were walking to church when a high-speed car out of control came hurtling towards them. Upon impact both young girls were killed instantly in a tragedy that shocked Britain. Thankfully a year later their parents John and Florence found solace in the birth of their newborn twins. From here things began to get very strange for the Pollocks. As their new daughters Gillian and Jennifer grew, they started to show uncanny resemblances to their deceased sisters. Firstly, their appearances matched that of Joanna and Jacqueline, which may not seem too out of the ordinary on its own, but they soon began to embody the physicalities further. One of the twins, Jennifer, had a birth marked that matched the one that Jacqueline had. She also had one on her face which looked eerily similar to a scar her late sister had acquired from a personal injury, which further defies logic. The similarities however did not stop here.

When the twins were around three years old they were given the toys that had belonged to their sisters, oddly they attached themselves only to specific ones, reflecting further their channeling of each girl – Jennifer played with Jacqueline’s old toys and Gillian was immediately fond of Joanna’s. The girls also seemed to recall memories from the Christmas in where they first unwrapped the toys, despite this not happening in their lifetime. The twins eventually recalled many pieces of information that was impossible for them to know, such as the locations of parks they had never visited – but their sisters had. The most disturbing aspect of this seemingly miraculous rebirth is that the girls appeared to have memories of the accident that had killed their sisters. Their mother once saw Gillian holding Jennifer’s head solemnly and saying “The blood’s coming out of your eyes. That’s where the car hit you”. The level of perfect memory recall mixed with the frequent first-person perspectives the twin’s displayed make for a compelling case in support of reincarnation.

Investigator Ian Stevenson met with the Pollocks and wrote about this and other cases in his books: Reincarnation and Biology where further ideas are examined. One theory is that somehow Florence had genetically passed the information to her new daughters in utero. In the same way that people believe that humanely slaughtered meat tastes better than that of an animal that spent its last moments in trauma – emotion is in the blood. The chemical signals the brain gives the body under certain conditions cause a change in physiology on a small scale but one that can be detected.

Is this somehow a clue as to how we can we explain the information passing on through to these new bodies? Or is there something much more spectacular at work here?