Future Echoes – Part 2

In the early stages of any scientific endeavor there is a trial period.

What would happen years from now when the brightest minds have finally devised a time machine?

An instrument as complex as this would undoubtedly need several trials before it became fully functional. Ghosts are often described as people who appear unclear and translucent, with the ability to pass through solid objects. This sounds a lot like what would happen if matter was separated in order to send it elsewhere – like into the past.

Side Effects


Just as in the experimental stages of chemistry, our initial tests into leaping through time and space are immensely unlikely to result in success the first time round. Even if we do manage to send an object elsewhere, the consequences of this action could remain unforeseen for an incredibly long while – especially if they didn’t happen in the same time frame as the experiments. In 1957 an over-the-counter sedative was labeled a “wonder drug” for insomnia and cold symptoms. This seemingly miraculous medicine also eased nausea and as a result was given to thousands of women to ease morning sickness. It wasn’t until 4 years later, after a series of connected highly disabling birth defects and infant deaths; that it was taken off shelves. This was the drug we know as Thalidomide.

This is clear example of how the dangers of scientific experimentation are often far from transparent. Going back to time travel, let’s say someone travels back to the Statue of Liberty, but what they don’t know yet is that by doing so they will affect the stability of this location throughout time. Like a bullet passing through a clothes store, everything it touches on the way through becomes torn.

This circle of thought sheds new light on why so many unexplained visitors are figures from the past. The entire history of the place in question may well be ‘echoing’ as someone uses it as a spot for travel. In the same way, when you flick through a book you hold and bend every page, getting tiny flashes of everything until you land on the one you were looking for. Historical events, objects of the past and of course people who are no longer with us would all have a place in these moments of playback. This of course covers a great deal of supernatural sightings. In the same vein, this idea also could easily rationalize why some places are condemned as ‘Haunted’. The increased level of disturbances in a single place would be because in that area, at some point, somebody decided to travel through time.

The more we process these ideas, the more they begin to make sense. Of course, we may never know the real reason behind our ghostly visits, but this theory takes a step towards disarming what we automatically assume is something hellish. Thanks to the urge within us all to scare one another, ghost stories have spread far and wide. But like all stories spread by word of mouth, details get changed and falsehoods added. Maybe the very first ghost story was a tale about someone from another time.