Future Echoes – Part 1

The Theory of Ghosts and Time

We have all heard a ghost story, and no doubt have watched a fair few. Of course, the specters we see on the silver screen have crafted the idea of what a ghost is and what they do for generations. In fact, we owe pretty much all our collective knowledge of the paranormal to filmmakers, but have they given us the wrong impression of these unknown apparitions? What if ghosts are not a staple of horror but are the things of science fiction?

Imagine instead the classic time travel scenario, person uses device, flies swiftly through colourful vortex and arrives intact in the past – often somewhere they don’t want to be. Again, many of the images in our minds actually just come from film, whether you immediately picture a DeLorean or Arnold Schwarzenegger the movies have fabricated the vision and more importantly the parameters of time travel.

Have we had it all wrong this entire time?

A popular theory proposes that these two cinema classics aren’t as separate as we once believed. Ghosts it seems; could be time travelers.

Unknown Energy

Poltergeists are the most violent of all ghost-like phenomena. With the frightening ability to physically affect their environment, these reckless phantoms typically throw household items and can also manhandle onlookers. Often portrayed on film as a faceless dark energy, these happenings could be explained by the means of time travel too. We do not know what source or how much energy it would require sending someone back through time, based on how much fuel it takes to propel an object into orbit; we can only assume it would be a great deal. This means that upon arrival into the destination time, some of the force used to propel the person there would be expelled. Think of the time traveler as a surfer and the energy as a wave. Thus, the resulting ‘splash’ could well be the cause of the electromagnetic jolts or the splattering of ectoplasm associated with paranormal activity.

And Just like waves moving in and out, the burst of arriving energy could cause an expansion or a contraction around it. A powerful push or pull unlike anything we know today, due to the intense bending of the laws of physics. This could explain the reason that people can often ‘feel’ the presence of a ghost before they see one; it also makes sense why the objects in the house or surrounding area would seem unstable. A contracting energy would cause a pull towards the source, which could be why people close enough to it would feel like they were being dragged against their will.

These versions of events seem to make the idea of ghosts a lot friendlier. Being visited by a hard-working scientist is a lot different to being visited by the physical embodiment of a murdered mans revenge. The people who pilot these machines may well become entangled in a situation equally as horrific. Poltergeists may not be the deceased with unfinished business, but they could be disturbed time travelers, in pain, disorientated and desperate to make contact.