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Charting the Unexplained in an Internet Age

With the dawn of a new millennium came an increased availability of the world wide web across the globe. Back in the late 90s, being able to access the internet was hardly commonplace. In fact, the concept was only just starting to be introduced to the world at large and most people still struggled with the idea. We were a long way from utilising it as well as we do today.

In 2019, however, over half of the world’s population are now active internet users, logging on daily to do everything from ordering their Sainsbury’s groceries, to playing the latest games at Skyvegas, to watching blockbuster movies on Mubi. Nobody could have predicted the speed with which the internet has expanded across the world during the 21st century, becoming a staple part of many people’s lives. So, it’s no surprise that certain theories have found their place online too. There is now a place for people to discuss the enduring mysteries of the ancient and modern worlds, all without leaving the comfort of their own homes. The internet has brought people together in many different ways, and this is just another one of them.

Internet users worldwide
Internet users all over the world


So, if you too have a burning desire to discuss the finer points of simulated reality theory or the possibility of life on Mars, where can you do so with like minded people? Even during the very early days of the internet, there were the capabilities to create message boards and forums, and exchange emails with other interested parties. On the modern web, this most basic concept remains but with a few added bells and whistles. Entire wikis, or online user-generated knowledge bases, have evolved from the information and theories added by different people about all sorts of questions and ideas. Beyond this, long and detailed subject threads have opened up in carefully curated forums, and there are even whole YouTube channels devoted to the pursuit of hidden knowledge. With the ability to instant message people through a variety of different online mediums, information and updates can be exchanged instantaneously, leading to a quickfire exchange of developments. There really are a myriad of ways in which to communicate on the matter of mysteries old and new with today’s high speed internet connections.


Whereas the topics explored on this website might have got you some funny looks once upon a time, the internet has opened up people’s minds and even has some of the most eminent celebrities of today considering alternative realities. American pop star Demi Lovato and one time Blink-182 frontman Tom De Longe have both spoken about their belief in the existence of lifeforms on other planets. French actress Marion Cotillard and American actress Whoopi Goldberg both have pertinent questions about the Apollo moon landing, and both Kylie Jenner and Hayden Panettiere have spoken out about chemtrails. The internet represents a wealth of information right at your fingertips in a volume that was not accessible to us until now, however wealthy or famous you were. Perhaps this is why more and more celebs are speaking out about unsolved mysteries and making their stance known on the big questions of today’s world. For the layman, the internet has been the great leveller in being able to share information and theories on a wide scale without worrying about having to garner notoriety or influence first.


Some people may wonder why there are certain topics that persevere, despite involving theories that have been floating around for decades. The answer lies in the fact that they have not yet been answered. Humans are naturally curious creatures and we want to better understand the world around us; if we’re not receiving satisfactory answers from an authority, then we seek to find them ourselves. The internet has provided the perfect tool for this quest, allowing us to pool all of our information in one place and easily communicate with like-minded individuals. It has encouraged critical thinking on a scale not previously imaginable and allowed anybody with an internet connection to intelligently question the world as it is presented to them. This has led to an increased, rather than decreased, interest in certain phenomena such as crop circles, UFO sightings, time travel and ghosts. With such a continuous volume of evidence being reported from all over the world, it doesn’t look like the pursuit for the real truth will be slowing down any time soon. In fact, the internet is simply helping matters along.

Communicating online
Communicating online

Whichever theory it is that interests you particularly, you’ll be sure to find a wealth of information waiting for you online. After all, that’s precisely what this website is all about – relaying the information that we already have about certain phenomena to the interested mind. The only question now is, how will you decide to add to this collective wisdom?

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