Future Echoes – Part 2

In the early stages of any scientific endeavor there is a trial period. What would happen years from now when the brightest minds have finally devised a time machine? An instrument as complex as this would undoubtedly need several trials before it became fully functional. Ghosts are often described as people who appear unclear and […]

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Future Echoes – Part 1

The Theory of Ghosts and Time We have all heard a ghost story, and no doubt have watched a fair few. Of course, the specters we see on the silver screen have crafted the idea of what a ghost is and what they do for generations. In fact, we owe pretty much all our collective […]

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Mystery of Time

Sitting far away from the eyes of the public on a dusty shelf, in the backroom of a museum in Cluj Napoca is a mysterious object. So mysterious in fact that even though it was discovered nearly fifty years ago, scientists still can not tell us how old it is. This is because this small […]

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