Are Visitors Hiding in Plain Sight? – Part 2

After the first recorded sighting of UFO’s (and crash, as the now famous Roswell Incident coincidentally occurred only a month after Arnold’s sighting) the entertainment industry cashed in on the public interest. With a slew of science fiction films hitting the big screen, doubters believe that Hollywood is responsible for creating the trend of claims that skyrocketed and are still reported today. Yet it’s one thing to see something you can’t explain flying in the distance, it’s entirely different to have an interaction.

In 1961 Betty and Barney Hill were the first reported case of alien abduction. Returning home from a trip to Niagra Falls, the couple claims they saw strange lights in the sky, which then came towards their vehicle. Seeing that it was an alien craft and witnessing extra terrestrials, they were soon surrounded by strange noises and odd feelings as they were then whisked away into a strange mental state, returning later miles away from where they were.

After this story hit the news it once again caused an outcry from both believers and those who believed that this was merely a farce. The couple underwent hypnosis in an attempt to further understand what happened to them by retrieving the memories they had buried. This itself is key to why so many claims are quickly dismissed – the lack of clarity brought on by trauma. When strange events occur to us, especially ones in which our emotions are heightened, two things can happen in our brains. One flashbulb memory – The extreme conditions caused by surprise and our feelings overwhelming us cause our brains to place a vivid bookmark on where we are and what exactly is transpiring at the moments that proceed. Two – the distress caused by our environment harms us emotionally and psychologically so much that our minds try to shut it out, thus hiding our memories from us. This memory repression is essentially a defense mechanism against things like PTSD which occurs on the flipside of this. Surely being captured by a being you cannot understand, being taken aboard a ship you can barely comprehend and being clinically examined would be something our minds may wish to protect us against. Witnesses may often struggle to recollect consistent and detailed accounts of these events because their brains are trying their best to forget.

Countless naysayers have deduced the reasoning behind the Hill’s experience down to everything from sleep depravation, to a shared hallucination, and even stress from racial tensions – which seems like quite a stretch. It is not uncommon of course for abductees to be disaccredited or in fact labeled as mentally unstable. Outspoken UFOlogist Dr Steven Greer believes that this continual labeling of first-hand witnesses as ‘nutjobs’ is a systematic part of a global cover up.

His current website Sirius hopes to force gatekeepers into disclosing the information surrounding extra-terrestrial phenomena to the public, whom he is adamant has been misled by the government for decades. If our eyes refuse to see, our brains refuse to remember and those who do know refuse to be honest, no wonder humans remain clueless. Yet simply being open minded may well be a major first step towards seeing the truth about our neighbours in the stars.