Aliens in Sweden or?

My interest in aliens has always been there, so when I found an organization here in Sweden whose purpose is to prove that aliens exist, well then I went into it right away.

I have no doubt that aliens exist, there is so much evidence of that. Among other things, the following:

Aliens in a galactic federation are said to have had contact with the United States and Israel for years and have established an underground base on the planet Mars – where Americans are also stationed.

The data is not taken from a Hollywood script – it comes from professor Haim Eshed who was head of Israel’s space security program for almost 30 years.

To one Israeli newspaper he said:

– If I had told what I say now five years ago, I would have been hospitalized.

Meeting an UFO

All life on earth, including man, was originally created in laboratories by scientists and artists from another planet. Thanks to their outstanding knowledge of genetics, they could, just like today’s scientists, manipulate the innermost components of life.

This and much more was told to a man called Rael at a meeting on December 13, 1973, near Clermont-Ferrand in France. He then witnessed a UFO landing in front of him. Rael was invited into the craft by a representative of the extraterrestrial civilization that is the origin of both life on earth and our religions. Rael was given the task of informing humanity about the messages of the aliens, Elohim, and of building an embassy to which they will officially return.

Rael wrote a book about this where he also gives lots of advices of what we have to expect in the future.

Reports from USA

Due to the news reporting of unidentified flying objects that were repeatedly identified by the US military and the investigation that the US Congress started around it, we wanted to see if the Swedes had seen the report and what they think about it.

22% of Swedes believe that aliens have come to Earth. Significantly more men believe this than women. Significantly more people in the region of Småland and sparsely populated areas believe in aliens.

Of course it is a bit exciting, not so scary, but above all it is annoying that if you have seen the films from the US military, you do not understand how there can be no better pictures. We can see a small dot on Earth from space with our satellites. We can see in the dark, we have radar that can follow flights. There are apparently hundreds of observations. It is also incomprehensible that one does not seem to have reacted, but those that must be considered as credible observations as one may have have been largely ignored.


Every year we have four watch nights where we are placed alone in a carefully selected place where you should have seen extraterrestrial activity. There we will regularly during the night note different things on a form, and answer questions. It is important to do this at the exact time because it is known that aliens are attached to especially numbers. In order not to fall asleep there in the wolf hour when the eyelids wanted to collapse, despite a lot of coffee, I played on my mobile. The best thing would have been to step up to move, but you are not allowed to do that, then they can see that you are there. Although maybe they can in any case.

In order not to fall asleep, I played yahtzee, pokerstars casino and even some alien-shooting-games. However, I was interrupted in the middle of a good game, by an exciting light source. My heart rate rose before I realized that it was young people further away who had just pitched a tent and had some kind of moving, dim light inside the tent.

Special light

Scientists have discovered that special light shifts can indicate life in space. Now they hope that the flashes of light will be something to look for with the telescope of the future.

On earth, there are corals that are luminescent, a light that protects against harmful UV rays by converting it to harmless wavelengths. According to a report published in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, scientists have concluded that a similar method could be used by organisms on other planets.

That is a completely new method for searching for life in space. Strong ultraviolet light emitted from stars has previously been thought to obliterate any life on planets orbiting them. But according to the researchers, such ultraviolet light could provoke a backlash from any extraterrestrial organisms that emit a strong glowing light to protect themselves.

Future telescopes that are currently under development could capture these lights.

Thats why the future is so exciting!