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Monthly Archives: July 2018

Streaming with Mystery – Part 2

In 1953 scientist Frank Olson fell to his death from a window of a New York Hotel room. Over 60 years later his Son is finally able to tell the story of what happened in the lead up to that night, and the unsavory, suspicious events that led to his Father’s demise. Told through the […]

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Uncharted Depths

It’s hard to believe that a whopping 95% of our great ocean remains unexplored. Especially since humans have been systematically chronicling travels and encounters with their environment as far back as we can remember. Yet this frankly alien environment that covers 70% of our global home remains a mystery. There is an untold amount of […]

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Streaming with Mystery – Part 1

Based on a Danish series of the same name, this worthwhile remake is set in modern day Seattle. It follows emotionally numb Detective Sarah Linden (Played fantastically by Mirielle Enos) and her equally troubled but far more upbeat, street talking partner Stephen Holder (Altered Carbon’s Joel Kinnamon). Together they investigate the dark and lengthy events […]

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